Away From Home - A Ryerson ResLife Story

Short One Minute Video made for one of my classes. Requirement was that the video had to be a minimum of 55 seconds to a minute and 5 seconds long, as well as including a intro title and credits. I shot and edited this video on my campus res in a single day. The interviewees were not given the questions beforehand and everything seen is not acting and is on the spot.

Click here to see my storyboard plan,proposal, and full video description/purpose on my blog.

MPM17 Sign Project "Is this a sign?"

An experimental project which its purpose was to observe and record various people's reactions to a witty sign in Downtown Toronto, Dundas Sqaure.

Click here for the full write up of the project.

MPM17 Final Design Project "The Wishing Tree"

The final project for the class, the group project took roughly 2 and a half weeks to complete.

Click here to read the full write up of all the steps we went through, its purpose, and budget.

Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None

A short film opening made using Adobe Flash. The requirement was that it had to be exactly 5 seconds.


Obama Trolls His Haters

A satirical video I made featuring Obama's speech 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Due to the overall natural non-serious nature of the entire speech, I felt it was appropriate to poke fun using this video.

The requirement was that the video had to be about 2 minutes long, however using only 30 seconds of footage. The result was a careful remix of found footage and music.

From Junk To Instrumental Art

Project for Concepts and Theories of Art. The aim was to create meaningful art that reflected environmental awareness by using itself to create artwork.
Click Here to see the mind map which was created in preparation of this project.

One of the first video assignments I had in the course, this was simply a promo interview video of a fellow colleague. 
We weren't allowed to use any commercial audio so I used an old music file of me playing the piano.
Actually turned out a bit better than I thought.