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AnaDigital Music Player

A potentiometer controls the tempo of the digital music and analog music. A switch turns the digital speaker on and off. When the analog music is off, the red LEDs are turned on; when the analog music is on, the green LEDs are turned on.
A continuous rotation servo spins the music player. All coding is embedded within an Arduino Uno R3.
This piece explores the relationship of 19th/20th century analog sound with 21st century digital sound.

The Ugly Gosling [Fairy Tail Remix]

Borrowing upon and remixing Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tail of The Ugly Duckling, The Ugly Gosling (a young goose; not talking about the Canadian actor here), is a storyline remix of the classic tale.
The narrative is meant to mirror the original in another context. Likewise with the music, - it is a remix of the original, with a twist on the style but using all the same chords and rhythmic patterns.

Mystery ER -Medically Themed Board Game

An exploration of creative story telling and narrative and how to manipulate, transform, and deviate from linear narratives into non-linear narratives.
A Cluedo-esque style game with a mix of Monopoly, the aim of Mystery ER is to discover the diagnosis of the patient before the other players.
Mystery ER utilizes smart phone technology , QR scanning based story telling, and classic board game style turn based strategy.
For additional details on rules, click here.
Operation Violet Emerald - A Narrative Experience Design Experiment

Another study of storytelling, however with a twist: The aim of this piece was to attempt to bring the audience into the story,
have them craft parts of the story, and then turn the narrative around on them by utilizing various social media platforms
to interact with the users. Part of a more serious sequel to "The Cafe Food Conspiracy" this piece explored how collaborative storytelling connects 
users in a facilitated environment.