Type of Media: Video Game (PS3) Eternal Sonata

:Saturday-June 9th,2011

Time Spent: Viewing/Interactive: 22 hours 43 minutes

Purpose of Media: Entertainment/Video Games

Description: Eternal Sonata is a role-playing game (RPG) developed by Tri-Crescendo. The game's story centers upon the Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin during his last few hours before his death of tuberculosis. The game immerses the player into a fictional dream world of which Chopin creates through influences by his life and music. The game features a selection of Chopin's compositions, along with an original score. The game's battle system combines old school RPG styles and elements along with innovative real time action components.Target AudienceEternal Sonata is aimed towards a teen audience who are interested in traditional Japanese style RPGs. However, the newly introduced elements in the game’s battle system encourage non-RPG fans to try out the genre. More so, the game's beautiful cell-shaded graphics, along with its deep story and excellent original soundtrack makes the game appeal to all audiences, including those who are not into video games. As an added bonus, the game features an open narration depicting Chopin’s actual life, along with the occasional music lessons, makes this title especially appealing to musicians and fans of classical music.

Critic Review/ My Opinion:

According to IGN “Eternal Sonata has a premise that can be described in no other way than wildly imaginative.” I agree, as I find Eternal Sonata to be one of the most intriguing games I have ever played. It’s not every day you get to play as a famous classical pianist, let alone accompany him through his bizarre dream before his death. IGN also states that it is not only the concept of the story that is interesting, but the game music inspired locations and characters as well, such as Polka, Allegretto, and Beat. Being a pianist myself, I find it amusing that a game would have such references to music. In conclusion, despite the game’s somewhat repetitive linearity concerning gameplay, the appealing graphics, intriguing story, and excellent music score is enough to hold a charm on anyone willing to give the game a chance.


Gameplay: Innovative - a combination of fast past real time strategy with a good mix of old school turn based strategy. Somewhat linear in terms of leveling, however diverse enemies, skill-based combat and challenging boss battles makes gameplay simply fun.

Story: Based on a parallel of real events that shaped Chopin's life, Eternal Sonata takes the player along a brilliant journey with a cast of memorable characters as they adventure to uncover the twists and turns of a sinister plot of a evil Count.

Sound: A well written, memorable original soundtrack for battles and every location you visit, along with Chopin's famous romantic piano pieces during cut scenes of Chopin's life. Decent English voice acting , with the option to switch to the Japanese voice acting with subtitles.

Graphics: Fully utilizes the Playstation 3's HD capabilities with itsĀ  beautiful cell-shaded graphics. Numerous different locations to visit and explore from the snowy Baroque City and icy Sharp Mountains, to the fiery ruptures of Wah Lava Cave.

Multiplayer: No online multiplayer, however contains local co-operate play up to 3 players at one time, allowing each player to control a party member, changing the gameplay drastically compared to single player.

Value: Currently priced $17.99 at retail stores, Eternal Sonata is well worth the price. The game is roughly 13-15 hours long, not including side missions such as score hunting and trade sequence. The Playstation version of the game holds a few bonus content compared to the XBox 360 version.

Final Score: 9/10